The 22st China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo (referred to as China Manufacturing Expo) is the only national-level large-scale economic and trade exhibition approved by The State Council in the field of China's equipment manufacturing industry, and has been successfully held for 20 sessions; After 20 years of progress, the China Made Expo has a total exhibition area of 1.68 million square meters, 15,289 exhibitors, 4,207 overseas enterprises and foreign-invested enterprises, and a total of 2.51 million people from all walks of life including delegations, buyers, professionals and technical personnel. It has held 343 supporting activities such as forums, seminars, purchasing and ordering meetings, economic and trade fairs, technical exchanges, technical lectures, and new product promotion meetings, and has undertaken a number of national and special exhibition activities.
As the largest international large-scale equipment manufacturing industry economic and trade exhibition in China under the background of revitalizing Northeast China, China Expo has undertaken a number of national special exhibition activities such as the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Administration, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Party and state leaders attach great importance to the China Expo, Li Keqiang, Wu Bangguo, Li Tieying, Gu Xiulian, Wang Wenyuan, Li Guixian, Bai Lichen, Chen Changzhi, Zhang Meiying, Zhou Tienong, Li Jinhua and so on have visited the China Expo, China Expo has developed into a focus on product display, trade cooperation, industry exchanges, investment negotiations in one of the international well-known industry exhibition, It has become an important window for China's equipment manufacturing industry to face the world.

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Exhibition planning

Exhibition Planning

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    Metal cutting/CNC machine tools

    CNC machining center, milling machine, lathe, boring machine, sawing machine, slotting machine, broaching machine and planer; Gear machining machines, drilling and tapping machines; Grinding machine, polishing, honing, grinding and super finishing machine, tool processing grinder, etc.; Other high precision machine tools

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    Laser sheet metal/Metal forming/forging stamping

    Laser sheet metal/Metal forming/forging stamping

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    Industrial Automation/Robotics/Intelligent Manufacturing

    Industrial automation, industrial robots, flexible production lines, intelligent logistics and warehousing, power transmission and control technology; Industrial Internet, artificial intelligence, digital factory, 5G applications, 3D printing, all kinds of numerical control systems, instrumentation and inspection and measurement equipment; Industrial IT and manufacturing informatization, electronic information technology and equipment, equipment manufacturing industry design Industrial product e-commerce and supply chain, smart city, Internet of Things and sensing technology, cloud computing and big data, edge computing, etc.

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    Comprehensive display of equipment manufacturing industry

    Aviation, aerospace, shipping, nuclear energy, weapons, military information and other defense equipment and technology, police equipment and technology, anti-terrorism and anti-riot equipment and technology, logistics equipment and technology, social security and prevention systems; Power transmission and transformation equipment, driving equipment, petrochemical equipment, gas turbine units, offshore engineering and other large complete sets of equipment; Construction machinery/special vehicles and new energy vehicles; Energy saving and environmental protection technologies and equipment such as industrial new energy and new materials, environmental monitoring, air pollution treatment, water pollution treatment, ecological restoration and protection, solid waste treatment and disposal;

  • 05

    Casting and hot working

    Die casting products and equipment, casting molds and equipment, heat treatment and industrial furnaces, metallurgical technology and equipment, all kinds of instruments and testing equipment;

  • 06

    Rubber and plastics industry

    Innovation achievements in rubber and plastic industry, plastic and rubber machinery, rubber and plastic products and new materials, chemicals and raw materials, packaging machinery, epidemic prevention equipment, etc.;

  • 07

    Tool accessories/features

    Metal mold, plastic mold, other special mold; Mold standard parts, mold equipment and accessories, mold steel; Cutting tools, measuring tools, abrasives, hardware tools, cutting power tools, pneumatic tools; Chuck, workbench, suction cup, center, protective cover and other machine tool accessories, mechanical parts; Inspection and measurement equipment; Industrial design, production, software services, consulting, etc.;

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