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2023 The 21st China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo



2023 The 21st China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo

First, the exhibition background

China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo (referred to as: China Manufacturing Expo (English abbreviation CIEME)) is the only national-level large-scale economic and trade exhibition approved by The State Council in the field of China's equipment manufacturing industry. As the largest national-level large-scale economic and trade exhibition of equipment manufacturing industry in China, which grew up under the background of revitalizing the old industrial base in Northeast China, it has always adhered to the concept of specialization, marketization and internationalization. The exhibition focuses on high-end equipment, metal forming equipment, metal cutting equipment, basic parts and general equipment, industrial automation/robots, industrial Internet, future industries, integrated circuits, mold and casting and hot processing equipment, as well as large-scale equipment, construction machinery and special vehicles, providing opportunities for domestic and foreign enterprises to show their strength, seek cooperation and explore the market. It has made important contributions to revitalizing old industrial bases such as Northeast China and accelerating the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry.

2. Organization


Liaoning Provincial People's Government

Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China

National Development and Reform Commission, PRC

Ministry of Science and Technology, People's Republic of China

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade


China Machinery Industry Federation

China Association for Science and Technology intelligent Manufacturing Association

China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Mechanical and Electrical Products


Shenyang Municipal People's Government

Iii. Exhibition overview

Project name: CIEME2023 The 21st China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo

Date: September 1-5, 2023

Venue: Shenyang International Exhibition Center (No. 9 Exhibition Road, Sujiatun District)

Exhibition positioning: National authoritative exhibition/China's largest equipment manufacturing event

Theme: Building a global manufacturing ecosystem of innovation, collaboration and common development

Exhibition scale: 8 exhibition halls 110000㎡ exhibition area 11 exhibition areas 1000+ exhibitors 150,000 + visitors

Iv. Exhibition value and highlights

1. The leap and improvement of national exhibitions

The only national-level large-scale economic and trade exhibition approved by The State Council in the field of China's equipment manufacturing industry takes "Building a global manufacturing ecology of innovation, cooperation and common development" as the theme, leading the new engine of economic development in Northeast Asia. At the same time, under the background of Liaoning Province's all-out efforts to implement the new breakthrough three-year action of comprehensive revitalization, the exhibition and concurrent activities have been changed and upgraded.

2, new venue, upgrade enabled

In order to better undertake the 21st China Expo, Shenyang International Exhibition Center has launched a comprehensive renovation project, including park greening, museum guidance, lighting, escalators, ground and facade. All transformations are designed with the overall characteristics of low-carbon, ecological and intelligent design purposes, fully integrated into the concept of modularity, assembly and low-carbon environment, committed to improving environmental quality, increasing and enhancing hardware facilities, starting from the overall improvement of lighting and greening levels, adhering to the fine from fine, high standard and high quality, to ensure a new look to meet the Expo and help participating enterprises to take a bold step forward.

3, scale shock, gather potential empowerment

The 21st China Made Expo ingenuity layout international exhibition area, provincial and municipal exhibition area, equipment manufacturing comprehensive exhibition area, industrial machinery, industrial automation/robots/instrumentation, mold and casting hot processing, metallurgy and mining equipment/construction machinery and special vehicles/new energy vehicles, integrated circuit equipment, new materials, functional components, industrial Internet/scientific and technological innovation and other 11 exhibition areas, Gather 1000+ exhibitors in the field of intelligent manufacturing, 110,000 square meters of exhibition area and 150,000 professional visitors.

4, famous enterprises gather, intelligent manufacturing upgrade

The 21st China Made Expo exhibitors will join hands with 11 countries from the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong and Taiwan (including the world's top 500 and multinational companies, world famous machine tool enterprises, well-known domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises, research institutes, universities, etc.). Such as AVIC, CRRC, China General Technology, China Communications Construction, China First heavy, AVIC Development, China Inspection Group, China Metallurgical Geology General Administration, Ali, Baidu, Lenovo, iFlytek, Oude, Xi 'an University of Technology, Xi 'an Jiaotong University, Beijing University of Science and Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Southwest Jiaotong University, Shandong, Shenyang Machine Tool, TBEA, Qinye Heavy Industry, Shen Gu Group, North Heavy Industry, Xu Industrial, Concord New energy, Zhouming Technology, Beijing Jingdiao, Haitian, Guangsu, Bond Laser, Rui Tie, Hongniu, New generation, Cheng quantity, Harbin, 3M, Mobil, Panasonic, Doosan, Okuma, Tsumo, Kyocera, Sumitomo, Dean, Youjia, Hexagon, Mitsubishi, THK, BYD, Great Wall, GAC Motor, etc. 1000+ well-known equipment manufacturing enterprises participated in the exhibition, Showcasing advanced manufacturing technology and equipment at home and abroad.

5. Leading technology and filling gaps

Gathering many global leaders! International lead! Domestic leading intelligent manufacturing equipment to fill the gaps at home and abroad, the fine puzzle manufacturing products site focused on automotive manufacturing and parts, rail transit, CNC machine tools, general machinery, new energy, new materials, molds and fasteners and other industries 100+ segments of high-end manufacturing technology solutions.

6, star exhibition group, heavyweight industry association support

China Made Expo will gather Shaanxi Province, Chongqing, Dongguan, Jining City, Liaoning Province, Shenyang district pavilions and the Ministry of Science and Technology pavilions, China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Mechanical and Electrical Products, China Foundry Association, Northeast Revitalization Innovation Design Industry Alliance, Liaoning Mold Association, Shenyang Special Processing Association and other heavyweight industry association pavilions, with the help of the Expo platform, Focus on showing high-end products, advanced technology concepts and the most competitive intelligent manufacturing model.

7, the same period of activities, wonderful

20+ meetings forum, zero distance dialogue coffee, accurate pulse industry direction. Grand held at the same time: Global Manufacturing Summit, invite Nobel Prize winners and well-known academicians at home and abroad, industry experts and scholars, representatives of industry associations, research institutes, representatives of key enterprises, etc. Advanced manufacturing, aerospace, robotics and digital production, petrochemical industry, new materials, industrial chips, new energy vehicles, electric power and energy saving and environmental protection, casting industry, meta-universe and future industries and other fields to carry out rich and in-depth discussions.

8. Digital empowerment, efficient supply and demand

The online cloud exhibition of China Made Expo is carried out simultaneously, there are more than 1200 enterprises settled in, and an independent online exhibition hall has been opened, and the exhibition hall is equipped with live interaction, product display, online communication, online transaction and other functions. Through online supply and demand matching, offline contact experience, help enterprises to expand business opportunities.

Use the big data of 3.5 + million buyers in 4 big data centers of exhibition organizers to cover 80% of the equipment manufacturing industry; 350,000 + private domain traffic, 100+ community channels independent operation, 100+ industry mainstream media, tens of thousands of brand promotion accurate exposure.

9. Demand and business opportunities of dialysis industry

Focusing on the old industrial base in the northeast of 500 billion + investment boom, 100,000 + manufacturing enterprises transformation needs, business giants have layout in the Northeast, "investment is passing Shanhaiguan" momentum.

10, two-way parallel, seize international orders

Relying on the industrial advantages of the old industrial production base in Northeast China and the national strategic layout of "revitalizing Northeast China", we will cooperate with local governments, international business associations, international media and foreign trade investors to open up domestic and export business and seize the return dividend of orders.