• The leap and improvement of national exhibitions

    The only national large-scale economic and trade exhibition approved by The State Council in the field of China's equipment manufacturing industry; With the theme of "Intelligent Manufacturing · Transformation and revitalization", it leads the new engine for the development of precision machinery in Northeast Asia.

  • Dialysis industry demand and business opportunities

    200 + billion investment boom; 10,000 + equipment manufacturing enterprises transformation needs; Business giants have layout northeast, "investment is passing Shanhaiguan" momentum

  • Numbers enable efficient supply and demand

    4 large data centers; 3.5 + million buyers big data; Covering 80% of the equipment manufacturing industry; 350,000 + private domain traffic; 100+ community channels operate independently; 100+ industry mainstream media; Tens of millions of brand exposure; The live broadcast of cloud exhibition is carried out simultaneously, online supply and demand match, and offline contact experience, helping enterprises to expand business opportunities and achieve double exhibition experience and income.

  • Big people get together to talk about intelligence

    The 7th Manufacturing Power Summit Forum; "Belt and Road" countries procurement negotiation matchmaking meeting; Procurement matchmaking meeting of central enterprises; New products, new technology conference; Msmes Financial Services Forum; 10+ international boutique conferences and forums, such as the equipment manufacturing lecture hall

  • Intimate service and comfortable experience

    Jinnuo Service, China's first, to create China's best quality one-stop exhibition service. The same price enjoys high value return, the exhibition process is convenient and more worrying, and the service is super warm.

  • Aggregate marketing reduces costs and savings

    Joint multi-media and social resources to invite international scientific research and famous enterprises to visit and experience; Exhibitors were invited to participate in the "Double 11" mother-machine festival of China's machine tool industry; United Nuo Exhibition City to carry out online and offline three-dimensional promotion to help sell inventory products.