Organizational structure

Organizer: China Expo Organizing Committee Office, Publicity Department of the CPC Shenyang Municipal Committee

Organizer: Jinnuo International Exhibition

Activity introduction

The 21st China Manufacturing Expo will be held at Shenyang International Exhibition Center from September 1 to 5, 2023. As the largest equipment manufacturing expo in Northeast China, it has been one of the main functions of the China Manufacturing Expo platform to display the latest development achievements of the equipment manufacturing industry in China and even in the world.

At the previous China Made Expo site, excellent equipment manufacturing enterprises from all over the world to exchange technology, display results, to promote the latest development achievements of equipment manufacturing industry, expand international exchanges and cooperation has made great contributions.

In 2023, the Publicity Department of the CPC Shenyang Municipal Committee and the Office of the Organizing Committee of the China Expo will continue to hold the conference of new products and new technologies of the China Expo, inviting outstanding exhibitors at home and abroad to participate and help the third decade of the China Expo.

Published content:

New products (equipment) developed and produced in the field of high-end intelligent equipment and artificial intelligence. Including: with international or domestic leading level of products and technologies; International or domestic first (piece) production of products and technologies; Products and technologies awarded honors by the state, province or city; Products and technologies that have a certain market share are well received by users.

Invited media (proposed)

China News Service, China Industry News, China Consumer News, China Business Daily, Hong Kong Business Daily, Liaoning Daily, Liaoning Radio and Television Station, Liaoshen Evening News, Shenyang Daily, Shenyang Radio and Television Station and more than 30 mainstream media in Shenyang area.